Bringing nature's own natural sweeteners and sugar replacers to the food, healthcare and feed markets in Europe


Futaste Europe offers a wide range of polyols that provide many functional and nutritional benefits for consumers providing numerous hless sugar possibilities in product formulations and a low glycemic index loading (GI) in foods.


Equally, manufacturers see polyols as multipurpose and flexible ingredients. They can be used to sweeten products or to achieve technological functions including acting as bulking agents, stabilisers, thickeners and texturisers.


Futaste Europe is dedicated to establishing long term business partnerships with our customers in Europe. We guarantee you reliability in quality, delivery, and efficent pricing.



We specialise in

Xylitol, Maltitol,

Erythritol, D-Xylose, Sorbitol and other specialty polyols

Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate source. Tooth-friendly and widely used in food and pharma products.


Maltitol is a crystalline powder or a liquid with excellent taste profile. Ideal as a tooth-friendly sweetener in e.g. confectionery


Erythritol occurs naturally in low levels in fermented foods and fruits. It is rated at zero-calorie status within EU.


D-Xylose is a natural white crystalline powder. Provides similar sweetness levels and flavour of glucose.


Sorbitol is the most widely used polyol. In addition to providing sweetnes, it can act as a humectant and texturising agent





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